First week with a DVT

So it’s been just over a week since my DVT was diagnosed and what a week it has been. It really knocks your confidence and is quite a shocking thing to be told you have.

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A block in the road

So there is quite literally a block in the road for my health and fitness posts. Well not in the road as such but in my veins; just this past Friday I was diagnosed with a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

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9 months of degu ownership

The boys on their birthday

Well nearly 9 months. More like 8 and a half but who’s going to argue? Some days it feels like about 3 weeks, other days I think I’ve aged a lifetime!

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Lemon and Blueberry nails

Lemon and Blueberry nails

Just a nice quick one this morning. I did these nails ages ago and they were inspired by a lemon and blueberry drizzle cake I made. Sometimes simple is best and if it also reminds you of cake what’s not to love?! Polishes used were “Stop the Clock” from Barry M’s Speedy Dry collection and Nails Inc Gel Effect “Old Burlington Street”. So annoyed that I dented one of them. The dots were just done with a dotting tool so this is a very easy manicure to do but it looked great and was perfect for the office too.

International Discworld Convention 2016

I’m a huge Terry Pratchett fan and have been obsessed with the Discworld novels along with his other books since 1996. I eventually found out that there are conventions every 2 years in the UK (along with many others around the world) and finally got to my first one in 2010. I do hope to eventually write up about those if I can remember what I even did but while 2016 is fresh in my mind I thought I’d like to do a little write up now, particularly to help out anyone who has never been to one and is considering attending.

DWCon opening ceremony
Cecil awaits the opening ceremony to begin

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Health and fitness post #3 01/09/2016

Another month, another not so successful one! I knew this wouldn’t be great though as I had the Discworld Convention last weekend which is never conduicive to eating well. I’ll be posting a blog about that (and hopefully about past ones too) at some point. This month should be better; I have no events planned and Clubbercise might have sorted itself out so I can actually go.

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Learning from nature – listen to yourself

Right now I’m listening to fate. I don’t actually believe in fate but sometimes you have to use it just to make excuses! I want to play World of Warcraft but I’m resisting in order to post this. Since they announced the latest expansion I’ve been avoiding any news about it so that I wouldn’t get suckered back into the game but then last Friday everything conspired against me. First I received an email saying if you preorder now you can access the Demon Hunter class early. Then I returned from work to find my boyfriend had been to Waterstones and got me the latest WoW book. I was already downloading the game again by the time I then realised that the day of release for the Legion expansion is the day I return from the Discworld Convention and happen to have already booked off for recuperating from that! Clearly it is meant to be…

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